• A unique and effective filtrate control additive for drilling, completion, and workover fluids formulated in potassium and/or cesium formate brines


Formatrol is a specially processed high molecular weight starch derivative that controls high pressure-high temperature filtrate loss at temperatures to 360° F with system stabilizers Thermasal®-A, Thermasal-B, and Formate Stabilizer. Systems formulated with xanthan gum biopolymer benefit from enhanced low shear rate viscosities due to the synergism between the high molecular weight viscosifier and Formatrol. Formatrol is packaged in 50 lb or 25 kg sacks.

Formatrol may be used in potassium or cesium formate brines.

  • A proprietary starch with excellent thermal stability in both dilute and concentrated formate solutions
  • Synergistic polymer properties
  • Ease of mixing and complete yield of the polymer without special mixing equipment or external heat source

Formatrol is degradable in acids and/or oxidizers.