size salt, size salt pill, salt for oil and gas, bridge, sand control, sealing formation, sealing perforations

  • Water-soluble bridging agents
  • Added to saturated sodium chloride brine drilling fluids or pills to assure temporary bridging and sealing of lost circulation zones


Plug-Sals are a series of specially sized and treated salt. The Plug-Sal products (Plug-Sal, Plug-Sal X, Plug-Sal XC) have a wide distribution of particle sizes suitable for bridging and sealing productive formations or sand control screens. Plug-Sals resist caking in the bag and disperse easily into brine systems. Plug-Sals are packaged in 50 lb or 25 kg sacks.

Product Min D-50 Max
Plug-Sal 10 115 300
Plug-Sal X 100 400 1,500
Plug-Sal XC 1,000 2,750 10,000

Particles may vary 10% above or below the designated sizes.

Plug-Sals are used in Bridgesal-Ultra® and Thixsal-Ultra® Systems for drilling, workover and completion fluid applications.

Plug-Sal products are sized to temporarily seal high permeability formations, vugular zones, or completion assembly screens. Concentrations of 25-75 lb/bbl are added to Bridgesal-Ultra or Thixsal-Ultra fluid systems based upon the opening size to be sealed.