waterbase drilling system, salt system, fluid loss, filtration control, drilling into payzone, underreaming, milling, washing sand


Thixsal-Ultra is a proprietary drilling and completion system based on patented technology. Use of improved bridging particle distributions reduce filtration control polymer requirements while providing more dense, ultra-low permeability filter cakes. Size ranges, concentrations, and blends of soluble solids are optimized to bridge and seal specific formation pore throat openings. As a successor to the Thixsal-Plus system, Thixsal-Ultra is an ideal candidate for highly deviated and horizontal wells. In addition to drilling into the payzone, Thixsal-Ultra can be utilized in underreaming, milling and washing sand. Packaging is in 50 lb or 25 kg sacks.

  • Superior rheological properties at low and high shear rates for outstanding hole cleaning and hole gauge, especially for horizontal drilling in unconsolidated formations
  • Thin, ultra-low permeability filter cake that limits filtrate invasion into the formation yet cleans up easily to allow maximum production
  • Thermal stability of basic system is 275°F with addition of pH Buffer
  • Upper temperature limit is extended to 325°F with inclusion of Thermasal®-A, Thermasal-B, and Polytex AHT
  • Four oil field salts with bridging particle distributions below 60 mesh (Ultrasal®) can be blended together and formulated in ratios necessary to maximize filter cake design
  • Performs in a wide range of formation permeabilities
  • Incorporates the use of Inhibisal Ultra® B for well bore stability when drilling through shale
  • Specialized cleanup techniques fit downhole drilling and completion equipment and procedures

  • Utilizes Ultra Breake-M®, a unique breaker system to ensure filter cake removal
  • Lower filtrates with less solids that result in thinner filter cakes
  • Less system viscosity at circulating shear rates
  • Higher density systems available with inert weighting solids and good filtration control without excess filtrate reducer
  • Increased percentage of soluble solids below 10 microns lessens total polymer requirements while providing more efficient particle distributions with less total solids
  • More efficient filter cake removal with less polymer and solids
Thixsal-Ultra Derivatized starch, xanthan gum biopolymer Viscosifier
FL-7 Plus® Derivatized starch Fluid loss control additive
Ultrasals Sized, evaporated oil field salts Bridging particles
Plug-Sals Medium to coarse oil field salts Bridging/lost circulation additives
CM-TH Inorganic salt Complexing buffer for cement contamination
Inhibisal Ultra B Polyglycol Well bore stabilizing additive/lubricant
pH Buffer Magnesia compound Buffer to maintain alkaline pH
Thermasal-A & B                   Anhydrous salt and magnesia compound Two component thermal stabilizing system
Polytex AHT Polymer blend High temperature fluid loss control additive
Defoam 2 Water miscible gycol mixture Defoamer
Lubetex® 2 Non-polluting oils and surfactants Lubricant
Ultra Breake-M Magnesium peroxide Internal filter cake breaker

Ultrasal® 5 5 15 225
Ultrasal 10 10 30 900
Ultrasal 20 20 60 3,600
Ultrasal 30 30 90 8,100