A special lubricant designed for drilling and completion fluids


Lubetex 2 is a modified vegetable oil lubricant for application in water-based systems.  Lubetex 2 is available in 55 gallon/208.2 Liters (481.29 lbs/218.31 kg) drums with 4 drums per pallet.

  • Compatible with most water-based muds; thus sea water, sodium chloride, potassium chloride or sodium bromide based systems or blends thereof
  • Improves the lubricity of drilling and completion systems by reducing friction between the drill string and casing as well as the exposed wall of a formation.
  • Soft shales have less tendency to adhere to the drill bits and collars when Lubetex 2 is incorporated into the drilling system
  • Lubetex 2 can be incorporated into the drilling system and spotted across a zone where the drillstring is differentially stuck

  • Recommended initial concentration fro drilling applications is 1 - 3% by volume mixed into the active system.  If greater than anticipated torque is experienced during drilling, such as building angle or high angle wells, an additional 1 - 2% by volume for a total of 4% by volume can be incorporated
  • For bit balling or differential sticking where circulation is still possible, Lubetex 2 can be added "neat" during a connection.  The concentration is dependent on total system volume as well as wellbore volume.  

Appearance Amber liquid
Specific Gravity 1.05 g/mL
Coefficient of Friction* 0.143 - approx. 35% reduction

*10.5 lb/gal Thixsal-Ultra®  System with 3% v/v Lubetex 2 (control 0.220) using an EP lubricity meter.