PBS Plug M System is a surface-mixed, pumpable plugging material, formulated to provide an enhanced rigid crosslinked gel structure. This system includes sized particles of borate-containing minerals and special polymers which provide formulating flexibility to meet various formation requirements in lost circulation applications. PBS Plug Modifier, a calcium/magnesium compound, and PBS Plug Activator M, a salt/magnesia compound, serves as crosslink catalysts when mixed with PBS Plug M. Also, calcium chloride may be used as a secondary accelerator in cold-water applications, or to increase rigidity of the plug. The polymers in the base product add viscosity and filtration control and are crosslinked by the borate anion in the sparingly water-soluble borate. The catalysts initiate the crosslink reaction by raising the pH and salinity of the fresh water mixture. This reaction is accelerated by the normally higher temperature in the wellbore. PBS Plug Retarder is used to delay the set, increase the available pumping time, and broaden the window of possible applications. The PBS Plug M System density ranges from 10.3 lb/gal to 18.0 lb/gal, which can be achieved with the addition of barite or hematite. PBS Plug M System products are packaged in 25 kg sacks.

  • Operationally simple as only standard mixing equipment needed
  • Can be mixed off-line to eliminate NPT without impact of system properties
  • Stable at relatively elevated bottom hole temperatures
  • Multiple bridging grades allow optimization for a selected zone/formation
  • Excellent fluid loss control
  • Treatment can be optimized to achieve performance requirements
  • Acid soluble components
  • Compatible with water- and oil-based muds
  • Can be spotted through mud motors, bit nozzles and bypasssub-assemblies



PBS Plug M is a unique system whereby the typical application is the control of lost circulation during drilling troublesome formations.The combination of three products, typical, or as many as six, satisfies the requirements froM the majority of extreme lost circulation situations where scenarios from inherent or induced fractures or porous matrix to lost returns are experienced. The final texture allows the set plug to be easily drilled after the chemical reaction is complete. Calcium chloride may also be added as a secondary accelerator where the base water is below 70 F.  PBS Plug Activator-E  is useful for mixes where the base water is above 100 F. Thermasal®-A is used to enhance and extend the thermal integrity of a set plug up to 350 F. The PBS Plug M System is adaptable for the following applications:

  • Lost circulation
  • Open hole cement retainer
  • Pre-cement pad
  • Profile modification
  • Formation consolidating gel
  • Sealing holes in casing
PBS Plug M 20 Blend of polymers and 20 micron borate mineral Viscosity, filtration control, bridging
PBS Plug M 100 Blend of polymers and 100 micron borate mineral Viscosity, filtration control, bridging
PBS Plug M 500 Blend of polymers and 500 micron borate mineral Viscosity, filtration control, bridging
PBS Plug M  2000 Blend of polymers and 2000 micron borate mineral Viscosity, filtration control, bridging
PBS Plug Activator M Blend of salt and magnesia compound Primary crosslink  catalyst
PBS Plug Modifier Blend of specially sized calcium carbonate and magnesium compounds Secondary crosslink  catalyst
PBS Plug Retarder Magnesium salt Crosslink retarder, thinner
LITE PLUG XC Blend of 8000 micron borate material Bridging
pH-6 Organic acid Reverse crosslink
Thermasal-A Anhydrous salt antioxidant Oxygen scavenger