• Sized, fine particle water-soluble completion and workover fluid additive
  • Added to high density brines to provide effective bridging and temporary plugging of productive formations or sand control screens after gravel packing


Hysal SF is a blend of polymer, buffers and a high purity, specially ground fine particle sodium chloride. The particle size ranges from 0.07 - 44 microns. Hysal SF is packaged in 50 lb or 25 kg sacks.

Hysal SF is added to high density brines composed of calcium chloride, calcium bromide and/or zinc bromide mixtures having densities ranging from 12.5 - 16.0 lb/gal to provide bridging and fluid loss control at temperatures up to 250°F.

Hysal SF fluids are designed for gravel packing applications where plugging of fine production screens must be avoided and where a fluid density of 12.5 to 16.0 lb/gal is needed.

  • Hysal SF makes it possible to temporarily seal a permeable formation with a high density fluid and and flow easily through a 6 or 8 gauge wire-wrapped production or tell-tale screen
  • Hysal SF can be used to seal inside a completion screen to prevent losses after gravel packing by the addition of larger salt particles, Plug-Sals

A concentration of 100 pounds of Hysal SF and 0.5 gal of Hysal Activator per barrel of base fluid is required with fluid densities in the 12.5 - 16.0 lb/gal range.