TBC-Brinadd, LLC is a recognized leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of specialty chemicals and additives providing superior products and additive solutions for the service organizations supporting the oil and gas industry. TBC-Brinadd also works with its service company customers, to create customized formulations. These customized formulations are produced by TBC-Brinadd for distribution as private labeled products, which are under the service company's product branding.

We started producing and distributing specialty production zone drilling, completion and workover fluids back in the early 1970s. We expanded our core business when Bridgesal patented a workover fluid system, utilizing sized sodium chloride particles as bridging agents for fluid loss control. TBC-Brinadd's development of Bridgesal evolved into Bridgesal-Ultra®, which incorporates the latest technology utilizing improved particle sizing and reduced polymer concentrations.

In the late 1980's, TBC-Brinadd began examining the requirements of specialty drill-in fluids for operators exploring horizontal drilling. This research led to development of the Thixsal group of drill-in fluids. Thixsal-Plus is a special purpose designed non-damaging, easily removable drill-in fluid. Thixsal-Ultra®, its successor that incorporates a superior performing particle size created by our proprietary grinding technology, has been applied on a world-wide basis to successfully drill and complete hundreds of horizontal wells.  

TBC-Brinadd has continued to develop its drill-in product line with new systems and additives that address industry concerns such as: sand control screen failures, slim-hole and coiled tubing drilling operations, improved rates of penetration, and harsher working environments, which includes deep water drilling with higher bottom hole temperatures and pressures. During this same time period in which the Thixsal Products were developed, TBC-Brinadd expanded into a new area with development of sparingly-soluble borates for use as crosslinking agents capable of adjusting the rate at which gelation of guar or derivatized guar occurs in water-based fracturing fluids. Concentrates of suspended sized borate mineral, produce a unique gel that is elastic, thermally stable, and has the ability to re-form to a stable structure after shearing.  

This TBC-Brinadd patented technology is the foundation for a series of crosslinking additives for use in a wide range of weather operating conditions and pH ranges. TBC-Brinadd has refined this fluidized suspension technology to address environmental concerns with low aromatic content hydrocarbon, water-based and winterized water-based crosslinking additive compositions. Parallel to development of the borate crosslinking additives, TBC-Brinadd also generated its BREAKE™ product line using sparingly-soluble, solid peroxides as a delayed polymer breaker for water-based fracturing fluids containing guar or derivatized guar.

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