The Research & Development Services Group, is based at TBC-BRINADD's headquarters in Houston, Texas. The R&D Services Group operates with an ISO 9001:2015 certification, and has been built upon the foundation of innovative and high performance products that continue to meet customers expectations. Our patented technologies have been utilized in the drill-in, completion and workover, and fracturing sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our diverse range of R&D projects are focused on enhancing current technology, as well as bringing to the market new technology with an additional focus on the environment. TBC-BRINADD's lab is multipurpose and provides product development, quality control, and technical support for our sales department and customers. Our mission is to work closely with R&D and Operation groups of our customers to achieve cost effective and superior performance. This relationship helps provide solutions to those time sensitive projects.

Laboratory capabilities

  • Custom design projects
  • Lab Scale grinding capabilities
  • Filtration Capabilities:
    • High Temperature High Pressure filtrates (400°F, up to 1000 PSI)
    • Permeability Plugging Apparatus filtrates (500°F, up to 5000 PSI)
    • Dynamic Filtration (500°F, up to 2500 PSI)
    • Low Pressure Filtrate (Ambient temperature, 100 PSI)
  • Viscosity Capabilities:
    • Dynamic/Pressure/Temperature Viscometer (-40°F to 400°F, up to 1000 PSI)
    • High Temperature/High Pressure Rheometer (-20°F to 500°F, up to 1000 PSI)
    • Static Low Shear Rate Viscometer
    • 6 speed Viscometer
  • Standard testing for Drilling Fluids (API RP 13B)
  • Laser Particle Analyzer
  • Pour Point Analysis, ASTM D-93
  • Flash Point, ASTM D-97
  • Cloud Point Analysis
  • Shale Stability Evaluation
  • Emulsion Stability Tester
  • Lubricity Tester (Metal to Metal)
  • Corrosion Coupon Testing
  • Aniline Point Determination
  • Inorganic Titrations
  • Moisture Content
  • Density:
    • Hydrometer (range: 0.7 to 2.0 specific gravity)
    • Pressurized Mud Scale