The Ultra Carb System is the ideal drill-in fluid for density requirements from 8.5 lb/gal to 13.0 lb/gal where potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, or sodium bromide brines are preferred. The system provides excellent rheological properties to 250°F when used as a circulating fluid. It can be used for drilling into the payzone, underreaming, milling, and washing sand. The Ultra Carb System offers the flexibility of a calcium carbonate fluid and all the features and benefits of the ULTRA Systems with the proven performance of the patented Thixsal-Ultra® viscosifier.

  • Five bridging particle distributions below 80 mesh (Ultra Carbs) can be blended together and formulated in ratios necessary to maximize filter cake design
  • A significant reduction in polymer concentrations without sacrificing rheological properties
  • Formation of ultra-thin filter cakes with improved filtrate control
  • Adaptable to a broad range of brines to meet the temperature, density, and environmental conditions of most wells
  • Designed for use with Inhibisal Ultra® B for wellbore stabilization when drilling shales
  • Utilizes Ultra Breake-M®, the patented internal filter cake breaker, for the ultimate cleanup process at downhole temperatures below 190°F

  • Superior rheological properties at high and low shear rates result in excellent hole cleaning and hole gauge, especially in unconsolidated formations
  • Reduced filtrate and polymer invasion into the producing formation
  • Easier filter cake removal due to reduced polymer and solids content, especially when Ultra Breake-M is utilized
Thixsal-Ultra Derivatized starch and xanthan gum biopolymer Viscosifier/filtration control
FL-7 Plus® Derivatized starch Fluid loss control additive
Ultra Carbs Sized calcium carbonate Bridging particles
Sluggits Medium to coarse CaCO3 Bridging/lost circulation additives
pH Buffer Magnesia compound pH stabilize
Inhibisal Ultra B Glycol mixture Shale stabilizer and lubricant
Lubetex® 2 Non-polluting oil and surfactants Lubricant
Defoam 2 Water miscible glycol mixture Defoamer
Ultra Breake-M Magnesium peroxide Internal filter cake breaker

PRODUCT D-50 (microns)
PORE SIZE (microns)
Ultra Carb 2 2 6 36
Ultra Carb 5 5 15 225
Ultra Carb 12 12 36 1,296
Ultra Carb 20 20 60 3,600
Ultra Carb 30 30 90 8,100