• Is an oil-soluble bridging agent
  • Is added to Solukleen®, Solukleen Ultra, OSS® Pill, OSS Pill Ultra or Thixsal-Ultra®, Systems to assure temporary bridging and sealing of lost circulation zones


Solubrige products are a series of specially sized oil-soluble resin. Each product (Solubrige Fine, Solubrige, Solubrige Mid, Solubrige Coarse) contains a special size distribution of particles suitable for bridging and sealing permeable productive formations. Solubrige products are packaged in 25 lb sacks.

PRODUCT Min D-50 Max
Solubrige Fine 0.06 17 117
Solubrige 2 130 1,000
Solubrige Mid 2 220 4,000
Solubrige Coarse 300 2,500 5,000

Particles may vary 10% above or below the designated sizes.

Solubrige is used in Solukleen or OSS Pill with brine solutions of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride or calcium bromide, and with Solukleen Ultra, OSS Pill Ultra or Thixsal-Ultra in sodium or potassium chloride brines.

Solubrige Fine is sized to temporarily seal lost circulation zones up to 2,500 mD permeability. Solubrige, Solubrige Mid and Solubrige Coarse are available for special applications when larger particle sizes are required.