BIO-SLICK, TBC-BRINADD's newest innovation. Over the past three decades, TBC-BRINADD has continually advanced it's industry leading suspension technology to optimize formulation, improve stability, enhance performance, and address changing environmental concerns. This has resulted in our development of BIO-SLICK, a drag reduction additive, which provides stabilized suspension of anionic high molecular weight polyacrylamide suspended in aqueous based solution. Suspension packaging can be customized to meet specific requirements.

• Promotes simple on-the-fly addition at low or high dosages
• Drag reduction (inversion) in excess of 75% with concentrations as low as 0.5 gal/1,000 gal
• Formulations remain stable for months without significant separation, settling or gelation
• QA/QC long term testing preformed for viscosity, fluid consistency, separation and settling of solids
• May be modified to meet pumping requirements and/or specific objectives
• Non-damaging to the reservoir when used with TBC-Brinadd polymer breaker additives, Breake® C, Breake RC, Breake C-L, Breake RC-L, Breake CG and Ultra Breake MG



Appearance: Tan liquid
Charge: Anionic
TDS performance level, ppm: 0 -<100,000
Specific Gravity (g/mL): 1.45-1.47


BIO-SLICK™  concentration, gal/1,000 gal

Maximum friction reduction, % 75%
Maximum friction reduction obtained, min:sec 0:45

Testing Parameters:
• Pump rate, gal/min: 30
• Reynolds number, Re: 150,000
• Average temperature, ºC/⁰F: 21.1/70.0
• Independent laboratory: RJ Lee Group