Thixsal-Ultra is an additive for aqueous fluids which, when combined with soluble, sized bridging particles of sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, or oil soluble resin, generates a non-damaging fluid system which exhibits enhanced rheological properties and superior filtration control. Thixsal-Ultra is a blend of xanthan gum biopolymer with a specially processed, stabilized non-ionic starch ether. This unique polymer combination is synergistic and yields improved static suspension and provides a highly shear-thinning viscosity under dynamic conditions. Thixsal-Ultra is packaged in 50 lb or 25 kg sacks.

  • A unique drilling, completion and workover fluid additive
  • Used in preparation of Thixsal-Ultra Systems

Thixsal-Ultra may be used in sea water, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and sodium bromide solutions. Suitable composition may also be formulated in calcium chloride with brine densities up to 10.8 lb/gal.

Thixsal-Ultra is designed for application in drilling, completion, and workover operations to provide a low fluid viscosity at high rates of shear, an elevated solution viscosity under static conditions and superior filtration control . Thixsal-Ultra, when used in association with specially sized bridging/weighting particles will reduce whole fluid and filtrate invasion into the productive zone and thereby minimize internal formation damage. Fluid compositions mixed with Thixsal-Ultra may be utilized for the following specific applications:
  • Drilling into payzone
  • Milling
  • Underreaming
  • Washing sand

  • Effective well control; when properly formulated, forms a thin, ultra-low permeability, readily removable filter cake allowing hydrostatic pressure overbalance with minimal invasion of solids and fluid into producing formations
  • Polymer synergism provides thermally stable fluid rheological properties with improved suspension at downhole temperatures up to 275oF with the addition of pH Buffer
  • Formulations containing Thermasal®-A, Thermasal-B, and Polytex AHT provide thermal stability up to a bottom hole temperature of 325°F