The Bridgesal Ultra System is composed of two basic products, Bridgesal Ultra and Bridgesal Ultra SF. These new products are improvements of the popular Bridgesal® Plus completion and workover fluids.  Incorporating an increased concentration of bridging particles below 10 microns in combination with broad particle distributions of 120 and 325 mesh, the Bridgesal Ultra products are able to provide improved filtrate control with a significant reduction in polymer levels.

Recognized throughout the world as the premier fluid loss control system, the new Bridgesal Ultra and Bridgesal Ultra SF can be used for:

  • Lost circulation pills
  • Perforating fluid loss pills
  • Pre/post gravel pack fluid loss pills
  • Sealing annular leaks in casing

Normally, the Bridgesal Ultra products are mixed in saturated sodium chloride brine, but they can also be used with potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium bromide as long as the base brine is saturated with respect to sodium chloride. Bridgesal Ultra and Bridgesal Ultra SF fluid densities range from 10.5 lb/gal to 13.5 lb/gal depending on the base brine and concentration of bridging solids utilized. Bridgesal Ultra products are packaged in 50 lb or 25 kg sacks.

  • Blended salt products contained in the Bridgesal Ultra SF and Bridgesal Ultra products provide optimized broad particle distributions for reduction in polymer concentrations, and improved sealing characteristics over a wide range of reservoir permeabilities
  • Bridgesal Ultra products when combined with Plug-Sals generate a series of overlapping particle distributions which provide formulating flexibility to meet formation requirements in lost circulation applications
  • Bridgesal Ultra SF particle sizing allows not only the sealing of a permeable formation, but also permits removal through a 6 or higher gauge production or tell-tale screen
  • Incorporates a patented derivatized starch/biopolymer combination for outstanding rheological and suspension properties to prevent settling at bottom hole temperatures up to 275°F with addition of pH Buffer
  • This polymer combination creates a unique synergistic effect creating an optimum viscosity profile giving Bridgesal Ultra long-term suspension stability
  • Upper temperature limit is extended to 325°F by including Thermasal®-A & B, and Polytex AHT in system compositions
  • Improved bridging/filtration control results in thin, ultra-low permeability filter cakes
  • Compatible with Ultra Breake-M®, the patented internal breaker system for filter cake removal
  Bridgesal Ultra SF                     Xanthan gum biopolymer, derivatized starch, sized NaCl blend (44 microns) One-sack lost circulation treatment
Bridgesal Ultra Xanthan gum biopolymer, derivatized starch, sized NaCl blend (120  microns) One-sack lost circulation treatment
FL-7 Plus® Derivatized starch Fluid loss control additive
Plug-Sals Medium to coarse NaCl Bridging/lost circulation additives
pH Buffer Magnesia compound Buffer to maintain alkaline pH
Thermasal-A & B Anhydrous salt and magnesia compound Two component thermal stabilizing system
Polytex AHT Polymer blend High temperature fluid loss control additive


Bridgesal Ultra SF                 9 27 729
Bridgesal Ultra 18 54 2,916