AO-FLA-LC is a combination of organolignite and oil-soluble copolymer suspended in a low aromatic content hydrocarbon. The synergistic blend of AO-FLA-LC provides improved high temperature-high pressure filtration control in oil muds, especially those with 100% oil. Packaging is in 5 gal pails or 55 gal drums.

  • Easily dispersed with standard mixing equipment
  • Reduces initial viscosity reduction which is characteristic of powder additions of organolignite
  • Eliminates copolymer solubility issues in low aromatic content oils
  • Typical concentrations range from 4-5 gal/bbl

Appearance: Viscous black liquid
Specific gravity, 60°F: 0.8513
Pour point, ASTM-D-97, °F: 16
Flash point, PMCC, °F: 184