• Specially sized sodium chloride particles
  • Serves as water-soluble primary bridging solids for Thixsal-Ultra® Systems


Ultrasal is a sized salt blended with anti-caking additives. Ultrasal is available in four grinds of evaporated salt (99.9% NaCl) and is packaged in either 50 lb/25 kg sacks or ton/metric ton totes.

PRODUCT Min D-10 D-50 D-90 Max
Ultrasal 5E 0.07 1.4 5 10.5 20
Ultrasal 10E 0.25 2 10 27 45
Ultrasal 20E 1.2 5 20 58 120
Ultrasal 30E 1.3 6 30 100 264

Particles may vary 10% above or below the designated sizes.

Ultrasal is designed to complement Thixsal-Ultra drilling, completion, and workover fluids prepared in saturated sodium chloride brine. Potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium bromide may also be utilized as long as they are saturated with respect to sodium chloride.

Ultrasal is used in combination with Thixsal-Ultra Systems to provide water-soluble primary bridging particles of various sizes which can be blended together to reduce filtrate and solids invasion into the producing formation.

Ultrasal is readily dispersed into fluids through a conventional mud hopper. Normal concentrations range from 15 to 46 lb/bbl depending upon the formation pore size openings to be sealed.